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ALMPOT; our company ALM Recycling Center with Austrian Centered MPOT Gmbh. and Taibinger & Co Sondermaschinenbau Gmbh. is a joint R&D project for the recycling of Aluminum Salt Slag in accordance with the protocol signed by the companies.


Today's Aluminum Recycling Industry mainly used Rotary Furnace Technology, our company has developed a technology pioneer in ALM's Recycling Center, especially in Turkey.


Rotary Furnace Technology; In addition to the advantages of energy efficiency, production efficiency, ease of process, etc., we can show Salt Slag or Black Slag, which are the biggest disadvantage. Due to the fact that these wastes are classified as hazardous waste in our country and in the world, only licensed disposal facilities can accept these wastes and as of today it is not possible in our country to recycle them completely.


Based on this need, a project was launched in 2018 with the partnership of these two companies, revealing the industry and technological knowledge and opportunities. Currently, academic studies are ongoing and the project is planned to be implemented soon.


Also, we would like to inform you that we want to manage the process open to information sharing especially with Universities and all scientific institutions related to this project.


Progress related to the project will be shared on our page.


It is presented to your information ...

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