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Another aluminum raw material used by our customers in our furnaces is waste materials, which can be referred to as "Aluminum Slag" or "Ramat", generally from 30-60% of metal ratios from reverber furnaces, injection crucibles or primary aluminum manufacturers.


Except for the metal content in these materials, the remaining part is mostly aluminum oxide and metal oxide content. Since the metal recovery of these oxides cannot be possible in the recycling process, the entry of this section into the furnaces along with the raw material will cause the following disadvantages;


  • Unnecessary energy consumption

  • Unnecessary use of flux

  • Wastage rate increased even more

  • Increased disposal cost due to the increase in the amount of waste generated i  


For these reasons, these oxides must be separated by a pre-treatment before melting. Slag Cupboards are needed for this operation. Slag cabinets are drum type process cabinets that work with a kind of ball mill logic, and provide the possible physical separation of metal oxides from metal as much as possible.

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