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Reverber or Reverberatory type furnaces can be generally defined as large surface and bathroom furnaces. These furnaces, unlike rotary furnaces, are furnaces that allow cleaner raw materials to be melted, and it is possible to use it as we call it a holding and / or casting furnace.


Usually , Rotary Furnaces are used as Smelting furnaces in the Aluminum Recycling sector , and Reverber furnaces have a place in the front of this furnace. Reverber furnaces, unlike Rotary Furnaces, are furnaces suitable for long lasting castings due to the fact that they are encased and their casting is made from a hole or beak. Therefore, after the transfer of the metal to the Reverber furnace, the necessary preparations after the transfer of the metal to the Reverber furnace (alloying, cleaning, homogenization, slag Casting from Reverber furnace is more suitable for many recycling plants).


As ALM , Reverber furnaces are according to the demands and processes of our customers; We can make it as fixed (static) or tilting type.


  1. Fixed / Tiltable Type Single Chamber Reverber Ovens

  2. Fixed / Tiltable Type Double Chamber Reverber Furnaces

  3. Fixed Type Balcony Reverber Ovens (Mechanical Circulation Pump)

  4. Fixed / Tiltable Type Balcony Balcony Reverber Furnaces (Mechanical or Magnetic Pump)

  5. Fixed / Tiltable Type Ramp Ovens

  6. Or All Reverber Furnaces To Be Designed With Appropriate Combinations Of These Furnace Technologies



The table containing the production capacity and energy consumption values ​​according to the capacities of these ovens is as follows;


Not: Tabloda verilen değerler sadece referans maksatlıdır, herhangi bir şekilde garanti edilen değerler olmamakla birlikte sisteme ve ortama göre değişkenlik gösterebilir.



Note: The values ​​given in the table are for reference purposes only, although they are not guaranteed in any way, they may vary depending on the system and environment.

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